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Evonik will present 14 scientific abstracts at the Poultry Science Association (PSA) conference as it looks to share its scientific expertise and develop sustainable solutions to the challenge of feeding the growing global population. The conference takes place in Quebec, Canada, from the 15th to 18th July.

This is a record number of accepted submissions for Evonik's Animal Nutrition Business Line, something the company puts down to its 'Sciencing the Global Food Challenge' approach and to the expertise of its colleagues.

Through close collaboration with the industry – including sharing the results of its studies – Evonik hopes there can be mutually beneficial learning and the opportunity to develop sustainable food solutions.

Evonik is also hosting a symposium on 'Amino Acids: New Paradigms in Poultry Nutrition and Health'. It will feature presentations from the University of Georgia, Perdue Farms, Wageningen University and Baiada Poultry, along with Evonik's own contribution, 'Beyond growth – The role of functional amino acids for immune functions'.

The 14 abstracts being presented are:

  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940 helped overcoming negative effect of heat stress in broiler chickens
  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940 improved intestinal morphology and performance in broiler submitted to coccidial vaccine challenge
  • Beyond growth – The role of functional amino acids for immune functions
  • CpG injection on day 15 post-hatch leads to metabolic changes on day 16 post-hatch in modern broilers and adaptive immune responses in a heritage breed
  • Dietary bio efficacy differences of methionine sources with acidifier in diets fed to broiler chickens reared in floor system
  • Effect of the origin of the bean on the chemical composition, protein quality, and nutritive value of the soybean meal
  • Effects of feeding reduced crude protein diets to broilers while maintaining amino acid concentrations on growth performance, ammonia production, and meat yield
  • Effects of high methionine supplementation on growth performance, meat quality, and bone strength of broiler chicks under heat stress
  • Effects of high methionine supplementation on tissue redox, inflammation, and health status of broiler chicks under heat stress
  • Reduce crude protein in starter phase diets of broiler chickens alters immune response in both starter and grower phase without affecting growth performance
  • Responses of varying levels of DL-methionine and TSAA on [13C]Met and [13C]Cys oxidation in broilers
  • The bio efficacy of methionine sources with acidifier in diets fed to broiler chickens reared in a cage system
  • The effect of guanidino acetic acid supplementation on the chemical composition of breast meat in broilers
  • The effects of threonine, glycine and serine on growth performance, fat deposition, nutrient utilisation and starch-protein digestive dynamics in male broiler chickens offered reduced-crude protein diets.

Visit the Evonik website, HERE.
Visit the PSA website, HERE.


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