Next week's Philippines Livestock show postponed until May 2020 due to African Swine Fever threat.

Please note that if you were planning on attending Livestock Phillippines 2019 show, the event has been postponed at the request of the Philippine Department of Agriculture. The African Swine Fever (ASF) is a menace afflicting the worldwide livestock industry.  Non-afflicted countries are taking the necessary precautions to avoid the spread of the ASF virus within their territory and the Philippines is no exception to this move.  One foreseen possible threat to the local swine industry is the organisation/staging of Livestock Philippines 2019 Event to be held on June 26-28, 2019 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila.

In the interests of public health, the organisers of Livestock Philippines 2019, UBM Exhibitions Philippines, Inc., has chosen to postpone the show to May 28-30, 2020 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila.

The organisers advise anyone who was planning on attending the event to immediately cancel any flights or hotel reservations they may have made.

Said a spokesperson for UBM, 'We believe that in postponing the Event we are contributing to the preservation of the multi-billion Philippine livestock industry.'

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