Agriculture has a long, valued tradition in Bavaria. The region surrounding Ingolstadt especially is known for grain farming and trade thanks to its fertile soil. Moser Agrar & Baufachzentrum has been an integral part of this business for 60 years. Together with Bühler, the company set up a new collection point in Großmehring near Ingolstadt.

When the harvest season is in full swing, tractors with trailers take turns with trucks every few minutes. Moser Agrar & Baufachzentrum can accept 350 tonnes of grains-per-hour at its collection point – by truck, but also by train thanks to the on-site rail connection.

'This is twice the capacity compared with our old system in town', says Thomas Goldbrunner, Plant Manager.

'For farmers, it's convenient since they never have to wait long. Plus, the new location is situated much better for them – they no longer have to worm their way through city traffic to deliver their grains,' says Thomas Goldbrunner, Plant Manager of the new location at Interpark industrial park in Großmehring.

Managing Director Georg Moser is visibly proud of his new system, 'In terms of food safety and occupational safety, we've made major progress,' says the owner. In the old plant, dust emissions gave employees and neighbours alike trouble.

The decision to put up a new building was in the pipeline for several years. For Georg Moser, it was particularly important for the new system to be located near the old one, since he felt obligated to his suppliers as a longstanding partner to the regional farming industry.

'Local farmers have been bringing their grain to us for decades. 90 percent of our suppliers come from here, and we maintain very close contact with them. Trust forms the foundation of our business,' states Georg Moser.

60 years of tradition

Established by his father in 1950 as a means for barter, the company was taken over by Georg Moser when he was 18 and has been gradually expanded ever since. Today, Moser Agrar & Baufachzentrum consists of three locations for grain intake as well as two locations for construction goods with a total of 70 employees.

The main focus is on grains, which are separated and cleaned at the collection points, dried when necessary, and then sold to international customers. The company also deals in plant protection, fertiliser and fodder, as well as seeds.

Georg Moser purchased a property at Interpark in Großmehring that is easily accessible to farmers, located near a highway and even featuring a rail connection. Plus, the location in Riedenburg is also connected to the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal, enabling navigation both to the north and south.

Georg Moser says, 'We don't know how logistics will change in the years to come. This is why it was important for us to offer access for both trucks and trains.'

After realising several successful projects together, Moser chose Bühler as its supplier and partner for constructing the new system. The handshake was followed by the go-ahead – and lots of pressure. After all, the system was supposed to go online in just 13 months. Developing the premises also turned out to be another challenge.

Today, the seven steel silos with a total storage capacity of 16,200 tonnes can be seen from miles away. The machine building shoots up right in the middle, offering space for 15 separate processing cells, a dedusting system, sieve cleaning system, a grader and a flow scale.

After pre-cleaning, the batches that are too wet go through the dryer, keeping pace with the fast throughput thanks to its capacity of 10 tonnes per hour. All Moser processing equipment is now also state-of-the-art. And they can offer their customers first-class quality goods.

'The more you pre-clean the grain, the easier it is to process it later on. In the end, everyone wants the most clean food possible,' states Thomas Goldbrunner.

The manager is convinced that working in the new plant is a major step forward for everyone. He is especially proud of the new drying system. Georg Moser is also confident that he made the right choice investing in a new building here at Interpark, 'We have good machines with equally good performance and quality,' says the Managing Director.

'Besides, Bühler service can supply us with spare parts fast from its Beilngries location, which is another huge advantage for us.'


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